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Culinary arts is not just all about cooking or being a chef, although a lot of individuals who choose to go into culinary arts do in fact go into cooking and take positions as a chef. Culinary arts positions can range from buying and stock taking of food, creating menus to party planning. You could also choose a career in culinary arts such as baking, specialising in pastry or one of the many different cultures of cuisine.

Restaurant related jobs are an excellent way to get into culinary arts and if you choose the larger restaurants to go into then the culinary arts related jobs are many. The level at which you can go into in culinary arts will depend on how many years you have spent in culinary arts schools. The larger commercial restaurants will provide a wider range of options for culinary arts than the smaller family run establishments. Restaurant jobs can be anything from buying in food to preparing it, to planning the menu or cooking. It is essential when going into culinary arts you need to choose which subject to go into and then stick with this before moving on.

Another firm favourite for those wishing to go into culinary arts which will offer a wide range of different opportunities is the hotels and resorts. Again the larger establishments will offer the largest range of options for culinary arts but if you want to start off at the top then you will have to have credentials which can often mean 2 or 3 years spent in culinary art school. Choices in hotels include buying in and planning menus to cooking. The larger hotels and resorts will provide a wide variety of menus and so need different chefs. If you are looking to go into being a chef then hotels are a great choice. Some of the positions for chefs include pastry chefs and those who specialize in a certain culture of food. You could also choose to go into butchery; this is an area that is often forgotten when looking into culinary arts. There are many aspects to learning how to be a butcher such as learning about the different cuts of meat, how to cut and trim meat properly e.t.c

Going into catering is a great way to get into culinary arts. There are a huge range of choices for careers in culinary arts within the catering business. Again the size of the catering company will reflect on the opportunities of positions that are available. You could also consider going into catering on your own. Choices for a career in culinary arts this way include party organiser, baking or decorating special event cakes or specialising in certain foods such as foods that are gluten free or food for diabetics. The choices are endless and of course the more experience you have the better off you will be and the higher position you may be able to start at.

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